NLG-Mass #LegalObserver Appreciation Event


On Monday, October 1st, NLG-Mass hosted an appreciation event for our wonderful Legal Observers (LOs) at the Hub Pub in downtown Boston. We celebrated our LOs and their dedication to supporting and protecting grassroots movements with pool, tasty appetizers, and skee-ball.




The NLG is most known for our Legal Observers (LOs), the volunteers in very … Read more>>

LFTP: Immigration Law For The People Recap


On Thursday, September 27th, at 6:30pm, the NLG-Mass Chapter presented the first Know Your Rights teach-in of our new six-month long series, “Law For The People.” This teach-in, called “Immigration Law For The People,” was graciously held at Boston College School of Law.



Speakers Nancy KellyJohn Willshire-Carrera, and Susan Church led the teach-in.… Read more>>

NLG-Mass September Happy Hour Recap


On Wednesday, September 12, at 6pm, the NLG-Massachusetts Chapter hosted a Happy Hour event at the Red Hat Café, featuring a discussion on “Challenging Abusive Policing Practices.”


Speakers Fatema Ahmed, Deputy Director of the Muslim Justice Leagueand Janhavi Madabushi, Education and Outreach Coordinator of the Asian American Resource Workshopfacilitated the creation of #BosCops … Read more>>

NLG Opposes Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

from the NLG – National blog, posted on August 30th, 2018

President Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court (White House Twitter)


The resignation of Justice Anthony Kennedy in June 2018 has left an opening for the far right to achieve a clear majority on the Supreme Court. Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh, a federal appeals court … Read more>>

NLG Legal Observers Featured in the Chicago Tribune’s Article

from The Chicago Tribune, posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. 

They’re watching, whether the whole world is watching. Legal observers in green hats are part of Chicago protests. By Christopher Borrelli


National Lawyers Guild Legal Observer Millicent Hoffman watches the scene on Lake Shore Drive at Belmont Avenue during an anti-violence protest, Aug. 2, 2018, in Chicago (John J. … Read more>>

NLG Mass Defense Committee Defends Anti-ICE Activists

On Monday, August 20th, activists from the Fang Collective blocked two separate entrances at the Bristol County House of Corrections.  This was in protest of the Bristol County Sheriff’s Department’s 287(g) agreement with ICE, which allows state employees to perform the duties of immigration officers.  The law enforcement response was reckless and dangerous.  They put activists lives at risk knocking … Read more>>

NLG Mass Defense Committee Defending Opponents of Trump’s Fascist Policies

On Saturday, June 30, 2018, hundreds of protestors (supported by several NLG Legal Observers) gathered for a protest rally against President Trump’s draconian and racist immigration policies at the South Bay House of Correction where ICE leases space to cage people they have detained for alleged immigration violations. After more than four hours of a peaceful protest, at about 8:00 … Read more>>

Federal Judge Issues Approval of Final Hep-C Settlement


On June 29, 2018, a federal judge in Boston issued final approval of a settlement between state prisoners with Hepatitis C and the Massachusetts Department of Correction. The judge’s order resolves Fowler, et al. v. Turco, et al., a class action lawsuit brought by Prisoners’ Legal Services (PLS) and the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild on … Read more>>

NLG-Mass Chapter Lawsuit Could Improve Hep C Treatment for Prisoners Nationwide

A Victory! In spring 2018, the NLG-Mass Chapter reached a settlement of the lawsuit that provides for dramatic improvements in the health care of all prisoners in Massachusetts.

We particularly want thank our partner, Prisoners’ Legal Services, whose expertise and hard work was critical at every step along the way.

The settlement includes Hepatitis C testing for all incarcerated people … Read more>>

Climate Activists Triumph Based on Climate Necessity!

A Victory! On March 27, 2018, thirteen defendants appeared in Boston’s West Roxbury District Court to answer charges that they blocked construction on the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline, a high-pressure natural gas pipeline. They were part of a sustained campaign of civil disobedience that resulted in 198 arrests between October 2015 and September 2016. Although the prosecutor reduced the charges … Read more>>