Our Community

Audrey Lorde

The NLG-Mass Chapter organizes a number of events for members and supporters to come together, break bread, and build power. We build power when we develop relationships and learn from our collective struggles—both challenges and triumphs.

Annual Dinner

2018 Annual Dinner Honorees.


Photo Credit: Carl Williams

We have been celebrating progressive and radical lawyers, legal workers, and law students for their uncompromising lawyering and activism since 1982. It is always an inspiring evening where we hear about righteous work and dance, eat, and enjoy being part of a community deeply involved in resisting repression and fighting for freedom.

Annual Retreat

This half-day gathering is a forum for NLG-Mass Chapter members and the Chapter Board of Directors to evaluate our Chapter’s work and activism. We discuss the most recent political and legal developments and campaigns and plan the Chapter’s future work.

Happy Hour – Think & Drink

Originally, our Happy Hour brought together NLG-Mass Chapter members and friends to relax over a drink and a game of pool. Still going strong after many years, the evening has evolved into a quarterly event where we hear from activists engaged in the issues of the times, including the movement for Sanctuary Cities, the scale of police surveillance and police brutality, the fight against foreclosures and evictions, and efforts to abolish mandatory minimum sentences and end solitary confinement.

Lawyers involved in high-profile legal cases such as those of Tarek Mehanna and “Whitey” Bulger have brought us up to speed. Activists from Black Lives Matter, participants in the Egyptian Arab Spring, observers of elections in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Venezuela, Palestinian Solidarity activists and members of the Water Protectors Legal Collective have all shared their stories at our Happy Hours.

We hold Happy Hours quarterly (January, April, September, and November) on the second Wednesday of a month. We currently meet at the Red Hat on Bowdoin Street in Boston. They are open to the public, and we invite those interested in a conversation about a better world to attend.

Holiday Party

At the beginning of December, the NLG-Mass Chapter holds our annual Holiday Party for NLG-Mass Chapter members and supporters. The law firm Shapiro Weissberg & Garin in Boston has hosted the party since 2001. We come together to enjoy delicious food and beverages and reconnect with fellow NLG-Mass Chapter members and like-minded people. Raffle ticket buyers have a chance to win certificates to restaurants and spas, private lessons in aerial arts, passes to yoga classes and theater shows, and other cool prizes.