Mass Defense Committee End of the Year Update

It is always a great sign when we sit to write our end of the year update at the Mass Defense Committee and cannot keep straight all the incredible things the MDC has done over the year. Activists and organizers around Massachusetts have been involved in bold and energetic actions, fighting against oppression, and for the liberation of of all … Read more>>

#Law4ThePeople Convention

Being in the South for this year’s #Law4thePeople Convention was a fitting reflection point on how the NLG’s involvement in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s still resonates with members and supporters alike.  However, it was clear from the convention’s beginning that the NLG as a national force and its regional offices are in a different landscape from that … Read more>>

NLG-Mass Chapter Happy Hour: ICE Detention Centers

NLG-Mass Chapter Happy Hour: ICE Detention Centers

Join us on Wednesday, November 13th for a discussion about ICE detention centers in Massachusetts and the work being done to help those suffering in custody. 

Mario Paredes, Bart J. Fellow/Staff Attorney at the Mass Law Reform Institute and Prisoner’s Legal Services and will lead the discussion and go into depth about … Read more>>

#Law4ThePeople Convention Photos

Earlier this month, the National Lawyers Guild held the #Law4ThePeople Convention in Durham, North Carolina. This blog post is the first in regards to the convention, but will be followed with more event specific commentary. Until then, we wanted to give a brief look at some of the people and sights. Below is a gallery of selected photographs from NLG … Read more>>

Mass Defense Committee Update: Straight Pride Protest and the Fight for Immigrant Rights

This will not be the most artful update, because I am trying to write it between 1000 other tasks. But I wanted our membership to know about the incredible work of the Mass Defense Committee in the last month.    As folks probably know, there were over 30 people arrested demonstrating against the far-right “Straight Pride” event. The NLG along… Read more>>

NLG-Mass Happy Hour: Supporting Puerto Rico

Happy Hour: Supporting Puerto Rico

This past summer tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in Puerto Rico demanding the ouster of the corrupt governor Ricardo Rosselló. Amazingly, they succeeded in their demands. Rosselló resigned August 2 under threats of impeachment. But that was just one chapter in the long history of the 120 years of corporate dominance and political inequality in … Read more>>

NLG Legal Observers in action at “Straight Pride” Parade Protest

NLG Legal Observers in action at “Straight Pride” Parade Protest

When “Straight Pride Is Hate Pride” reached out to the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), the NLG responded. This was one of the groups organizing protests of the so-called “Straight Pride” parade in Boston Saturday, August 31, organized by individuals with ties to white supremacist groups.

NLG legal observers are present … Read more>>

Under Arrest for Non-Violent Protest against ICE

Under Arrest for Non-Violent Protest against ICE

On Thursday, after a march of several hundred mostly young Jewish activists from the Holocaust Memorial across the Longfellow Bridge, twelve of the demonstrators  were arrested for siting in the lobby of Amazon’s Cambridge Headquarters protesting Amazon’s complicity with ICE  for developing facial recognition software and other cloud based technology in aid of … Read more>>

Judge Sinnott’s Overreach Put in Check by SJC Justice Gaziano

SJC Justice rules in favor of Suffolk District Attorney Rollins in feud with Boston Municipal Court Judge

As reported by the Boston Globe, on Monday, September 9, 2019, a Supreme Judicial Court justice handed Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins a major victory, ruling that Boston Municipal Court Judge Richard Sinnott III had, “no authority,” to force Rollins to push ahead … Read more>>

Fighting for Free Speech in Critique: In Defense of Minority Union Workers

Fighting for Free Speech in Critique: In Defense of Minority Union Workers

A local union consisting mostly of racial minorities was recommended for dissolution and transfer of its members into two other local unions because its officers (racial minorities) and members criticized the mostly white staff and officers of the intermediate labor organization to which the local belonged (AFSCME Joint … Read more>>



On Sep. 3rd and 4th, 2019, individuals charged for their role in counter-protesting the alt-right sponsored Straight Pride parade, were arraigned in the Boston Municipal Court. This has been five days of reckless disregard for the law and justice by some of the people and institutions who are supposed … Read more>>

The Fight Against Climate Change: In Defense of “Extinction Rebellion”

The Fight Against Climate Change: In Defense of “Extinction Rebellion”

On July 31st, Jeff Feuer of the Mass Defense Committee appeared in the central Boston Municipal Court to represent 10 members of the climate change activist group, Extinction Rebellion.  The activists were facing clerk-magistrate “show cause” hearings on charges of trespass and failure to disperse from a so-called “riot” stemming … Read more>>

Flowers v. All White Juries – by Madison Levin

Flowers v. All White Juries

Madison Levin


When selecting a jury, the attorneys for both sides have the opportunity to peremptorily challenge prospective jurors, striking them from the jury without needing to provide an explanation. These challenges, however, are not without limits. In 1986, in the seminal case Batson v. Kentucky, the Supreme Court ruled that a State may … Read more>>

The Citizenship Question – by Madison Levin

The Citizenship Question

by Madison Levin


The Enumeration Clause of the Constitution specifies that the population be calculated by “adding to the whole Number of free Persons… three-fifths of all other Persons.” In light of the current census controversy, it is significant that racism was written into the United States Constitution and remains entrenched our democracy and our legal … Read more>>

A Trumped-Up Crisis at the Border! ft. Victor Aronow and Hillary Farber

On July 9, 2019 at the Cambridge YMCA library, two National Lawyers Guild members presented “A Trumped-Up Crisis at the Border”.  Victor Aronow, one of the co-founders of the Massachusetts Chapter of the NLG, lives in Phoenix, Arizona and runs the non-profit Refugee Aid, established by the NLG in Arizona.  With migrants crossing the southern border at unprecedented numbers, the… Read more>>

NLG-Mass Chapter Summer Retreat 2019

On Saturday, July 13thNLG-Mass Chapter members gathered at the Old Oak Dojo in Jamaica Plain to discuss the present state and future trajectory of the Chapter. In addition to Guild members, several community organizers also came and presented their goals and hopes in continuing to work with the Guild. Those included: Kayla Degala Paraiso of MatahariRead more>>

NLG Legal Observing at Never Again Protest and Representing Arrested Activists

NLG Support for Activists from Never Again Movement 

18 activists from Never Again Para Nadie: Jews Against ICE were arrested and charged with trespassing on the night of Tuesday, July 2nd at the demonstration organized by Cosecha with a march to the ICE detention facility at the South Bay Jail in Boston. On the morning of  Wednesday, July 3rd, they … Read more>>

NLG-Mass Chapter’s Memory Lane – 50th Anniversary Edition

For 50 years (since its re-establishment in 1969), the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild has worked tirelessly in pursuit of justice for the people. With so many hurdles overcome and still many ahead, we thought it would be nice to take a look back at the history which has helped shape who we are today. 

The following photographs … Read more>>

NLG-Mass Chapter Annual Dinner 2019!

On Friday, May 17th, the NLG-Mass Chapter came together to honor long-time member, Lynn Weissberg, and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Chapter.  Before the ceremony was officially underway, the dining hall was bustling with the sounds of music from the ‘60s and ‘70s (the time when the Chapter was re-created), conversations and the energy of our members. The … Read more>>



The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild condemns the politically-motivated federal prosecution of Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph, a respected judge sitting in the district court division of the Massachusetts Trial Court, and trial court officer Wesley MacGregor.  The two have been indicted on charges of obstruction of justice … Read more>>

NLG Annual Meeting 2019

In March, Mass Chapter members gathered for our Annual Meeting. After short reports from the co-chairs and committees – Litigation, Mass Defense, Finance, and Dinner – and the Referral Directory, we held elections of the new Mass Chapter’s Board of Directors and Officers.

Leaving the meeting (l.-r.): Lee Goldstein, Carl Williams, Kayla Degala-Paraiso, Jasmine Gomez, and … Read more>>

Justice Week 2019

hosted by the NLG-UMass Dartmouth School of Law Chapter



Justice Week is a week long celebration and awareness campaign of contemporary social justice issues. This annual event is hosted by the National Lawyers’ Guild – UMass Law Chapter, and other UMass Law affinity groups. This year’s theme is: “Gender, Gentry, and Grace.” We will be looking at … Read more>>

NLG Legal Observers Defend Boston’s Third Women’s March



The third Women’s March in Boston took place last Saturday, 1/19, on a sunny and cold winter’s day.  Despite a looming blizzard, thousands of people came out to make their voices heard in Boston Common.  As a protestor’s sign said; “You know it’s serious if we are marching in January”.


Jeff Petrucelly, one of the Founders of Read more>>

LFTP: Employment/Labor Law for the People

On Thursday, January 17th, at 6:00pm, the NLG-Mass Chapter presented the fifth Know Your Rights teach-in of our six-month long series, “Law For The People.” Northeastern University School of Law co-sponsored and hosted this teach-in, entitled “Employment/Labor Law For The People.”


NLG-Mass member Attorney Mark Stern spoke about the many different types of labor law, from union law to … Read more>>

NLG-Mass January Happy Hour Recap


On Wednesday, January 9th, at 6pm, the NLG-Massachusetts Chapter hosted a Happy Hour event at the Red Hat Café, featuring a pertinent presentation entitled “What’s Going On At The Southern Border.” About thirty folks attended to discuss the current struggles of immigrants who have fled their countries of origin, where living conditions have become intolerable (often due to exploitative … Read more>>