NLG-Mass Working Through The Pandemic

Your NLG-Mass Chapter continues to provide unique legal and political support in this time of crisis to the underserved populations that are most affected by the pandemic:

•  Our Mass Defense Committee is providing Legal Observers and pro bono legal assistance to activists participating in “in-car” protests, risking arrest in acts of civil resistance while seeking the release of people who are threatened with infection because they have been detained. 

• We continue to support and advise groups of tenants and home owners, many of whom are unable to make rent or mortgage payments due to being laid off during the pandemic, who are engaging in various necessary remedial actions, including collective bargaining with their landlords, organizing rent strikes, or fighting wrongful foreclosures.


•  We are working to secure the release of pre-trial detainees, immigrants detained by ICE, and  non-violent prisoners, who could face hospitalization or even death due to infected lock-ups.     


• Our Litigation Committee is attacking the illegal activities of local, state and federal government agencies in monitoring and surveilling activists and the progressive movement, and is addressing the failure to abate the lethal practice in state prisons of refusing to treat incarcerated people for medical conditions, such as Hepatitis C.  


“If one suffers we all suffer. Togetherness is strength.” (Jean-Bertrand Aristide) 

Please help us continue the Guild’s crucial work in these difficult times by volunteering your time or making a donation.