NLG Legal Observing at Never Again Protest and Representing Arrested Activists

NLG Support for Activists from Never Again Movement 

18 activists from Never Again Para Nadie: Jews Against ICE were arrested and charged with trespassing on the night of Tuesday, July 2nd at the demonstration organized by Cosecha with a march to the ICE detention facility at the South Bay Jail in Boston. On the morning of  Wednesday, July 3rd, they were represented in court by NLG attorney Jeffrey Feuer, with the assistance of NLG MDC Coordinator Josh Raisler Cohn and volunteer attorney Matt Cameron.  Five NLG Legal Observers served during the action – Jackie Bauam, Eli Plenk, Morgan O’Grady, Josh Raisler Cohn and Melissa McWhinney.

The charges against all 18 defendants were dismissed before arraignment with no fines or court costs, meaning that none of the demonstrators will have a criminal record of any kind resulting from this action.

(photos by: Melissa McWhinney and Josh Raisler Cohn)