NLG Legal Observers Defend Boston’s Third Women’s March



The third Women’s March in Boston took place last Saturday, 1/19, on a sunny and cold winter’s day.  Despite a looming blizzard, thousands of people came out to make their voices heard in Boston Common.  As a protestor’s sign said; “You know it’s serious if we are marching in January”.


Jeff Petrucelly, one of the Founders of the NLG-Mass Chapter, shows support and solidarity with the Women’s Movement as a Legal Observer




About 20 counter-protestors were also present. NLG-Mass Chapter had six Legal Observers on the scene, among them three law students from Northeastern School of Law.





NLG-Mass members and Northeastern law students Morgan O’Grady (left) and Zoe Bowman (right) serve as NLG Legal Observers




The mood was enthusiastic, hopeful, and determined.  Ayanna Presley, Massachusetts’ newly elected congresswoman, noted in her keynote speech; “Cynicism is not a luxury we can afford.”






The march and rally were peaceful and well-organized. There was one arrest.  The NLG Mass Defense Committee is working on this case.


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L. Gordon –

Photographs by Tim Plenk