Mass Dissent – Post Dobbs Action Plan Meeting (8/15/2022)

Recently, staff and members of NLG chapters (Mass, Idaho, Buffalo, Las Vegas, Denver, and Pittsburgh) joined an online meeting to discuss ways chapters across the country can collaborate to address the numerous legal concerns following the Dobbs decision.

The conversation largely focused on three key points: access to representation, legal education and potential avenues to contest the legal legitimacy of crisis pregnancy centers. All present firmly agreed that protecting vulnerable populations, providers and people seeking abortions is of paramount importance and that filling the gaps in representation and legal knowledge were actionable steps. 

Currently, the group is in a process of creating a national NLG Committee and hopes for other chapters to get involved.

If you are interested in getting involved with this new National Committee, please look out for future emails and updates in Mass Dissent. You can also email us @: and