Mass Dissent – Ongoing Litigation Against BPD (9/15/2022)

Our Mass Chapter joined the ACLU, and five community & legal service organizations, with the assistance of a private law firm pro bono, in successfully suing the Boston Police Department (BPD) and the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) for its failure to timely and fully produce public records of gang surveillance in Boston. The suit was filed in January, 2019, and after several years of litigation compelling the city to produce the full records, including emails of their surveillance, which they mainly did evidencing the bias of the police department. The case was recently settled in late May, 2022 with an agreement to pay the attorneys fees of all of the organizations in a total amount of $130,000 for their failure to produce the records timely & fully under the Public Records Law. We are continuing in a separate lawsuit to seek the full & unredacted records from the BPD and BRIC on account of the surveillance, police intimidation, violent tactics and arrests at the Straight Pride counter protest in August, 2019.