Mass Dissent – Member Profiles: Grace Ross (6/15/2022)

“…the resistance is pretty profound.” – Grace Ross

We recently had the opportunity to meet with Grace Ross to discuss her work with the Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL).

Grace discussed the development of the alliance, goals they started with and how they have evolved, challenges they continue to face, and ways people can help. She spoke to some of MAAPL’s goals and the challenges they navigate on a daily basis and elaborated on the specific challenges their clients must overcome due to limited legal assistance. Many of MAAPL’s clients represent themselves in the courtroom and fight to save their homes against the banks’ attorneys. Despite the extensive knowledge of the applicable law MAAPL and their clients bring to the courtroom, they are routinely dismissed by judges because they are not represented by an attorney. One of MAAPL’s greatest needs is finding attorneys that are willing to help their clients navigate the legal challenges they find difficult to overcome.

To watch an edited version of that interview, click here

MAAPL is also looking to hire an organizer and paralegal, and there are several volunteer opportunities. For more information on MAAPL and ways you can get involved, please visit