How To Suppress Student Speech: The Harvard Law School Playbook

Amanda Chan, NLG member and former member of the NLG Harvard student chapter, has recently published an article taking on the culture of Harvard Law School’s censorship of student activism. In her article, Chan shines and focuses a spotlight upon the systems and methods that Harvard has created and utilized in order to suppress the voices and activism of the student body and, in particular, that of women of color. 

The following is an excerpt:

In this article, I posit that Harvard Law School has since developed a closed-door system to ensure that such student organizing never happens again. Harvard Law has perfected this subtle strategy by making unofficial threats of academic discipline against vulnerable student organizers, especially Black female students. Student activists at Harvard Law School, racial justice activists in particular, have experienced false accusations, increased surveillance, a culture of paranoia and fear, and investigation from outside counsel.

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