NLG Mass Defense Committee Defends Anti-ICE Activists

On Monday, August 20th, activists from the Fang Collective blocked two separate entrances at the Bristol County House of Corrections.  This was in protest of the Bristol County Sheriff’s Department’s 287(g) agreement with ICE, which allows state employees to perform the duties of immigration officers.  The law enforcement response was reckless and dangerous.  They put activists lives at risk knocking over part of the blockade that was holding activists aloft in the air, and then erected shields to prevent the public from being able to observe their actions cutting part two activists who were chained together to a concrete block.

This action effectively shut down the facility, preventing access in and out.  In the words of our comrades at the Fang Collective:

“Incarceration, detention,  and deportation are all forms of family separation and we call for people to join us and #ShutDownICE within all of your communities.”

NLG Mass Defense Committee member Zach Lown, along with NLG friend and CPCS attorney Jim Vita were in New Bedford District Court on the morning of August 22, 2018, representing these four activists.

As always, we are proud to stand alongside the activists in the streets demanding liberation for all oppressed people.

Not guilty pleas were entered for the four activists, and we will continue to represent them as their cases progress.

Thanks for the support everyone.