Mass Dissent – Mass Defense Committee Update

In the midst of daily heartbreaking news, we supported several powerful Palestine Solidarity actions this month.

On Monday, 10/9, our Legal Observers served at a rally and vigil in front of Cambridge City Hall, attended by people who are concerned with the decades-long plight of Palestinians.

On Thursday, 10/12, also in Cambridge, several activists chained themselves to the doors of Elbit (, a company that produces about 85% of the drones used by the Israel Defense Forces in Palestine, and others poured red paint around the entrance.  There was also a larger support rally going on around.  (Here is some video of the action  The police were on scene and did not make any arrests.

We also had a handful of Legal Observers at Harvard the day before to monitor a vigil being organized by student groups, including the Palestine Solidarity Committee, Graduate Students for Palestine, and others.  These students have been subjected to vicious public attacks, have had their names, photos and home addresses publicized, and been subjected to threats.  The University closed parts of campus to the public, requiring people in the area to have Harvard IDs.  The rally went well, and our Legal Observers
were on scene the whole time.  We have referred several students to Palestine Legal, an organization that supports student activism.

There was also an action on Thursday the 10th in Western Massachusetts, blockading the entrances to L3Harris, another weapons manufacturer.  This. blockade included several people locked down to a boat. Five or six activists were arrested, and they had a court hearing next morning in Northampton.  These activists will be represented by an NLG attorney.

On Friday, October 13th, we sent Legal Observers to an action organized by If Not Now-Boston, an organization of Jews who work in our community to end U.S. support for Israel’s apartheid system and demand equality, justice, and a thriving future for all Palestinians and Israelis. The activists took over Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s office and called on her to take the lead in Congress against the genocide of Palestinian people.  Seven activists were arrested, our Legal Observers were inside monitoring the arrests and outside when people were released.  They don’t have a court date yet, but our Mass Defense volunteer lawyers will represent them.

On Saturday, October 14, we also sent Legal Observers to Harvard University for a vigil by Harvard Graduate Students for Palestine.

Normally, we thank our Legal Observers and lawyers by name, but due to the intense vitriol, public doxing, and threats towards activists over the last week, we are exercising caution and not listing the names of all the wonderful legal workers, law students and lawyers who have stepped up on short notice.

We are deeply appreciative and will see you in the streets.