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Legal professionals, legal workers/activists, law students, and jailhouse lawyers are eligible to join the NLG-Mass Chapter. Please complete the form below.

Join Our Monthly Givers Program. Your membership dues will be $100, regardless of your income. The amount over $100 will be a tax-deductible contribution to the NLG-Mass Chapter.

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Annual dues cover 12 months of membership and are based on income. We will notify you a month before you need to send in the following year’s dues.
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Membership Participation

The NLG-Mass Chapter is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization; contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law, except for membership dues.

If you prefer to send a check for your dues, make it payable to the National Lawyers Guild-Mass Chapter and send it to:
National Lawyers Guild-Mass Chapter
41 West St., Suite 700
Boston, MA 02111

For more information, contact us at 617-227-7335.

We appreciate your support!

The NLG-Mass Chapter will not share, sell, or exchange member or donor information for third party fundraising or marketing purposes. This applies to all transactions made online or offline.