April Happy Hour: NUSL Criminal Law Project on Campus Police

Northeastern Law students Chase Childress, Christine Farolan, and recent grad Alex Stein described at our April Zoom Happy Hour how they came together under the auspices of the their NLG chapter and the NUSL Criminal Law Project to take an in-depth look at how campus police operate, what is the legal framework, and what exactly are they doing. They were concerned about the rise of campus policing over the previous decades as well as incidents of violence by campus police against students and community members.

Using Northeastern as a case study, they found, among other problems, that the campus police were operating with a broad mandate from the University, seemingly beyond that afforded by statute, but yet protected from public scrutiny as they are not subject to public records disclosure obligations.

Their detailed report, which was released ahead of the NLG Week Against Mass Incarceration, can be found here.